24. Juli 2010 | Druckansicht

Themenblock: »Gesellschaftstheorie«

Referent_in: Dennis R. Fox

Tag: Donnerstag, 26.8.2010

Beginn: 16:30 Uhr

Dauer: 2 Std.

Raum: L 115

Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Gesellschaftsanalyse der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Critical Psychology in the US and in Canada is an effort to challenge forces within mainstream psychology that help sustain unjust political, economic, and other societal structures. Critical psychologists don’t all  agree about goals and methods. Critical psychologists from various traditions typically share several concerns about mainstream psychology:

  • by focusing on the individual rather than the group and larger society, mainstream psychology overemphasizes individualistic values, hinders the attainment of mutuality and community, and strengthens unjust institutions;
  • mainstream psychology’s underlying assumptions and institutional allegiances disproportionately hurt members of powerless and marginalized groups by facilitating inequality and oppression; and
  • these unacceptable outcomes occur regardless of psychologists’ individual or collective intentions to the contrary.

In the workshop some of these tendencies will be presented and the relation to German critical psychology will be discussed together with the participants. The workshop will be held in English. See also http://www.dennisfox.net/papers/critical_radical_psychology.html